Summer Blooms

Summer is drawing to a close yet again and I’ve decided to finally get serious here with the blog space! I’ll be posting a lot of older things I’ve had saved up for a while but that are still cute and current! I thought it would be super easy to start with some fancy florals.

To me, flowers are the cornerstone of nail art. They work for so many occasions and I have people ask for a variation of some kind more than any other design. Below is my inspiration wheel that I did a while back with different types of floral patterns. I like bringing this one to nail parties and love seeing which patterns are most popular.

Floral Practice Wheel

Some simple roses based on a pattern I saw online. Not sure what colors I used here but it seems like it’s just the Color Club striper bottles for the detail and a basic white creme.

Roses Floral

I love this purple Essie color and coordinating floral pattern. I also love how floral patterns give you the freedom to be messy and not everything has to be uniform in the design.

Purple Floral Essie

I’m doing nails for a bachelorette party in a few weeks and digging through my old floral patterns really helped me frame what types of designs I wanted to bring for the girls to chose from. Because what says “girl power” more than a beautiful floral!


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