Holiday Manicure

Hello all! Sorry for the little dry spell there with posting but I’m preparing a lot of fun posts and product reviews!

This past weekend I had a number of holiday events to attend so I decided to do some festive nails.

I started with a base of butter LONDON‘s silver holo and completed the look with some nail art accents.

I love this nail color! I got it on sale from bL a long time ago in a set and never got around to trying it. The Gears and Cheers Lips and Tips set is from the Steampunk Ball Collection. Dodgy Barnett is a sheer, silver-grey holographic glitter. La Moss is the semi-sheer, red-wine creme lip gloss other half to one of my favorite bL nail shades.

These two pictures show the different dimensions of this polish perfectly! It is a great holo but has a beautiful hue when not in direct light as well.

Unlike most other holos I’ve tried, this one didn’t dull or fade with a topcoat. However, due to the gritty nature of the polish, it chipped easily on a couple of my nails. This was to be expected and didn’t come as a surprise or disappointment to me!

The pairing lip color in the set is a great wine color. La Moss has been one of my favorite butter LONDON nail colors from the beginning. It was the shade that made me fall in love with oxblood nails and lips. I can’t wait to wear the lip color and polish together!

My boyfriend and I attended a formal event on Friday evening and the lip color went perfectly with my dress. It didn’t stay as long as I would have desired so I did have to reapply throughout the evening. However, if you are looking for a dark and vibrant lip color that won’t stain your lips and easily removable, this is for you!

Highly recommend both of these products to anyone looking for a snazzy duo for the holiday season!

Happy Holidays to all!


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