ColourPop Mini Haul

I finally caved and tried ColourPop Cosmetics for the first time! I am happy to bring you my thoughts on this amazing brand that everyone has been raving about. I decided I had to try it out after seeing a blog post on their Puppy Love Super Shock Eye Shadow and how all proceeds from the sale were being donated to Best Friends Animal Society and their NKLA effort to make all animal shelters in LA no-kill. I’m a huge animal lover and love this initiative! It helps that this Super Shock comes in an adorable shade!

Puppy Love is a soft peach hue with pink and gold duo chrome in a pearlized finish. I had never tried ColourPop’s shadows before and was pleasantly surprised by the formula. The texture is a powder with a creamy finish that blends well. I used this color with a couple shades from my Too Faced Natural Eyes palette and it worked out well for a beautiful eye look!

The photo above shows swatches of Puppy Love (on the left) and the cheek highlighter I purchased. Wisp is a Super Shock pearlized cheek highlighter that is a golden, champagne hue with a gold duo chrome finish. I think it works particularly well with Puppy Love. I will say that it looks way darker than it did on the website but when applied to my cheek, the color seemed to change.

The final product I picked up is the Lippie Stix in Fetch. This was another product I was pleasantly surprised about! A $5.00 lipstick with a highly pigmented satin finish…not possible, right? Wrong! I applied this lipstick before dinner and after two drinks, appetizers, and a meal I still had a pink hue! Even after I used my regular makeup remover, my lips were still stained “Fetch”. Plus, you can’t beat the Mean Girls reference, am I right?

For around $20 I got these fun free products and the shipping was SUPER FAST! I can’t recommend this brand enough. If you are looking for quality and affordable cosmetics in on-trend colors, head on over to ColourPop’s website!
Instagram: @ColourPopCosmetics
Twitter: @ColourPopCo
Facebook: ColourPop Cosmetics


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