First Try: NYX Cosmetics

I typically try to stay away from drugstore beauty brands as I have been burned in the past. However, I had heard so many good things about NYX Cosmetics that I had to try the brand out! My sister loves their lip products and a fellow beaut guru recommended their Color Correcting Concealer Palette. So, during my last Ulta browsing session I decided to check out a couple of their most popular products. I’m glad I did and look forward to trying more products in the future.

The first product I decided to try was the NYX Wonder Stick. This double-ended product is perfect for quick and easy contouring. I was nervous about how the darker shade would work on my fairer skin tone, but found that it blended well. I like the highlight color as it doesn’t have the shimmer effect that are standard with most highlighters. I used the stick with my normal foundation to do a contour look that didn’t look overdone to the average person. The formula was long-lasting without feeling heavy. I swatched the two shades on my hand below for you to see. I got the “Light” shade but the product also comes in Medium, Deep, and Universal. You can pick it up at Ulta for $11.99!


I first saw the Color Correcting Concealer Palette on a friend’s Snapchat and then began seeing it pop up all over Instagram! I saw a cool tutorial video in which a blogger used all the shades to prep for contouring. I knew I had to try this product for myself! I love the options to blend the six color correcting shades for buildable coverage. I think I will use the peach shade the most day-to-day but can see myself using the green shade for red spots and blemishes and the purple for more yellow areas. I swatched each shade on my arm below fluorescent lighting for you in the picture below.

Sarah Steinfeld made a helpful edited product image (below) to show which shade in the palette helps with which concealer concern. Check out her post if you are a beginner to color correcting concealers!

This popular palette is sold out on the NYX Cosmetics website, but you can pick it up at Ulta for $11.99! I highly recommend it for anyone who is looking to try color correcting concealers but unsure what formula and shade to purchase.

NYX Photo

Overall, I give NYX Cosmetics an A+ for a first try and am eager to try more of their affordable but quality beauty products!

NYX Website
NYX Instagram
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NYX Facebook
NYX Youtube


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