Eye Essentials

While a beautiful winged liner and perfect shimmery shadow can make your eyes pop, true beauty begins with proper skin care. I have assembled my “eye essentials” for those of you who may be looking to add something new to your skin care routine or who have a New Years Resolution to take better care of yourself.

This was probably the first eye cream I ever tried! Since receiving it in a Sephora sample bag, I have gotten more deluxe samples so I have a little stash. It is a light and refreshing formula that works well overnight or under makeup. This is a great eye cream to start out with if you are looking to up your moisturizer game!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this eye cream is awesome! It is bright, fresh, and truly works wonders on the delicate skin around your eyes. Valentia makes a wide range of products — including some awesome masks! You can read more in my review posts about this brand here and here!

This is another natural skincare brand that I have fallen in love with. OZ Naturals makes great products and their brand focuses strongly on natural ingredients and making their products usable for those with a wide variety of skincare concerns. I previously reviewed this product in a post here.

Derma e is one of those brands that I am super excited to receive the opportunity to learn more about this year. Launching in Target for the first time in 2016, this firming eye cream is one of their popular products. Check out more on this amazing brand in my post here.
What are your skincare eye essentials? Sound off in the comments below! I love to try new products and would love to hear your recommendations.




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