Product Review: HoneySmart Wash Bags

The product reviewed in this post was provided to me by the fantastic individuals at Tomoson at a discounted price in exchange for my review.

Today I have a lifestyle product to review for ya’ll! While beauty and skincare products are my true passion, I love fashion as well. I have always loved shopping for clothes, shoes, jewelry, purses — you name it — ever since I was a young girl. I have learned to control my spending and be happy with my favorite items in my closet.

However, it can sometimes be a struggle to keep my favorite items in good condition after countless times in the washing machine. This is where my new HoneySmart Wash Bags come in handy. I have always been one to hang dry most of my clothing, to protect it from the damaging heat and movement of the dryer. These wash bags protect your delicate garments in the washing machine.


This set of seven bags currently sells for just under $10 on Amazon. The set comes with the following:

1 Mini Bag (10″ x 11″) for bras and delicates
2 Small Bags (12″ x 16″) for shirts, blouses, and smaller garments
2 Medium Bags (16″ x 20″) for sweaters and dresses
2 Large Bags (20″ x 24″) for jackets, denim, and long dresses

If you have kids or pets in your home, these bags provide the perfect way to wash plush toys without destroying their sometimes delicate detailing!

Below is the “Mini Bag” which easily fit a couple of my lace bra-lettes from Aerie! They were well protected in the wash from snagging on zippers or buttons on other clothing items. I didn’t have to worry about the straps on my bras getting wrapped up in other clothing items or around the inside of the washing machine.


This product is also amazing for travel organization! The premium and silky mesh bags not only extend the life of of your clothing in the wash, but also are ideal packing your luggage. I am always obsessed with keeping my clothing organized during travel and these are great for clothes, accessories, shoes, even beauty supplies!

You can even keep your dirty clothes in one of the large bags during your trip and throw it in the wash when you get home! So simple!

These products are a great buy and eligible as part of the “free shipping on order over $49” promotion with Amazon! Highly recommend!



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