Pamper Like a Professional

Happy May to all! I hope you all are having a great weekend and are excited about the coming summer season!

Today, I want to share with you some at-home pampering tips! It’s important to take some “me” time at least once a week to de-stress!

My favorite candle of all time is the Paddywax Apothecary Tobacco and Patchouli. I originally purchased this candle at Urban Outfitters and fell in love immediately. I know patchouli isn’t for everyone, but I love it. The earthy scents of this candle are very relaxing for me.

I also love DW Home candles, they smell amazing and come in cute glass jars. I got the Peppered Citrus one below at TJ Maxx but can also be purchased on the DW Home website here for $12 for the medium, single-wick size.

Once you get your candle going, draw a bath! Bath bombs are a recent discovery for me. I never used them until my sister purchased one for me from LUSH. Watching the colors swirl around in tub is rather relaxing. I definitely recommend checking out your local beauty stores or poking around online to find a bathbomb or two. While they are not for every day use (maybe — if you love baths THAT MUCH), they are fun for a pamper day. My Mom purchased me the ones below that look like they are in an egg carton from Amazon. They are the Beach Bath Bomb set of 6 mini bath bombs and smell great for a short pamper session.



After a relaxing bath, I often de-stress by massaging my feet with my Run Baby Spiky Massage Ball. I have some minor foot pain from time to time and this product really helps. I sometimes keep it under my desk at work to help relieve stress.


What are you pampering rituals? Do you have a favorite candle, bath bomb, or moisturizer?


4 thoughts on “Pamper Like a Professional

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