All The Rage: Unique Applicators

I have another trend to share with you guys today! I love how makeup and beauty have become more mainstream and with that comes an increased amount of trends and fads. One big trend to hit the beauty industry is unique makeup applicators and products that go with them. I tried a couple of the most popular for you and will share my thoughts below!


The first products I tried came from Crown Brush. I was curious about trying a sponge applicator for liquid foundation but wasn’t ready to shell out for the beautyblender. When I found the Crown Brush made a similar one, I couldn’t resist. The Crown Brush Flawless Face Blender (DP1-B) retails at just under $25 but can often be found on sale on Hautelook or on the Crown Brush US website. I got mine on Hautelook for $5.

This product was not as I had expected. The sponge material is very dense and almost too hard for good application. I saturated it with water, dried it off slightly in a paper towel, and applied my liquid foundation. While it was easier to apply product with, it didn’t seem to blend as well as I had expected.

In the same order from Hautelook, I purchased Crown Brush’s Geisha Beauty Blender (KB16) which looks very similar to the BECCA The One Perfecting Brush. This brush retails at around $48 but can be found for nearly half that on the Crown Brush US website. I was supposed to receive this product from BECCA in a previous Hautelook order but due to an inventory issue, they were not able to send it to me. I decided Crown Brush’s was the next best thing and at $12, I couldn’t justify passing it up!

I was a little disappointed in this product. I have had very positive experiences with Crown Brushes in the past but this one seemed to not be as high of a quality. I love their Small Cheek Contour Brush (SS036) and use it daily to apply highlighter to my nose and cheeks. However, the Geisha brush sheds a lot and I couldn’t quite get a hang of how I was supposed to use it. I’m keeping this brush on hand for sweeping powder foundation and bronzer contour in the summer months but it is not on the top of my list.


I recently purchased my first original beautyblender and have to say my experience of using it was quite different than that of the Crown Brush Blender. I picked up the Nude beautyblender at Sephora during their VIB sale last month and have fallen in love with it. While I do not normally wear liquid foundation on a regular basis, I have used it more and more since using this applicator. I first apply a few drops on my Farsali Rose Gold Elixir to the blender, squeeze it a few times to distribute the oil, and then apply my liquid foundation. I found that the combination of the Farsali Elixir and the beautyblender truly transforms any liquid foundation. I also love using the blender to bend out my concealer prior to setting it with my setting powder. I have been converted!

I still keep my Crown Brush Blender on hand to apply my setting powder for baking larger sections of my face. I guess this can be chalked up to a case of knockoff product vs. original.

Overall, I don’t regret any of these purchases. I think it is important to test products out to see what works best for you and your makeup routine. Trends are an amazing way to introduce new products into daily routines and find out what will last over time. I definitely think the beautyblender is here to stay with garnering much popularity in the beauty blogger world. They are really building their brand with cleaners and mini versions available for purchase. Check out their full line of products on sale at Sephora!

Are you obsessed with your beautyblender? Try any unique makeup applicators recently? Were they fantastic or flops? Share below! xoxo


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