Product Review: HASK Kalahari Melon Oil Color Protection Hair Care Collection

The products reviewed in this post were provided to me by the fantastic individuals at BrandBacker free of charge in exchange for my review.

I am excited to share my thoughts on HASK, a hair care brand gaining a lot of popularity in the beauty world. I have been wanting to try products from this brand for a while and was excited to receive this opportunity through BrandBacker.

I received the HASK Kalahari Melon Oil Color Protection Hair Care Collection and have been trying it for the past few weeks. I currently do not have colored hair but will be getting my hair colored in the next few weeks. I will be sure to update this post on how these products fair with my newly colored hair. I wanted to get used to using this product prior to getting my hair done (for the first time ever — AH!). I’ll be sure to update you on the progress of my hair transformation.

The whole HASK Exotic Oil line is free of sulfates, parabens, phthaltes (toxic chemicals used in plastic), gluten, drying alcohol, and artificial colors. This brand is also used on more film sets in Hollywood than any other brand!


This shampoo and conditioner duo work very well for my thick, long, wavy hair. The melon scent is nice but not overwhelming. I like the slender packaging of the bottles which fit nicely side-by-side in the shower. The only issue I have with the packaging is sometimes I get confused in the shower which is the shampoo and which is the conditioner. I wish the lids were different colors or had textures to differentiate.

You can pick these up at Ulta for $5.99 each. They also have a “buy two get one free” promotion going on right now with these products so you can stock up if you’re a fan!


I love using the Color Protection Shine Oil on damp hair to add a natural and non-greasy shine to my hair. A little goes a long way with this product, so you definitely want to use it sparingly. The shine oil vial retails at $2.99 and can be purchased at Ulta.

I haven’t used the Deep Conditioner yet as I want to save it for once I get my hair done. I will update on it but the foil packet I got seems like a great size for multiple uses! You can grab this at Ulta for just $2.99.

I also received this cute little travel brush with my products! Can’t beat little freebies!

Overall, HASK is a great all-natural, affordable hair care brand. They have many other product lines that address a variety of hair concerns such as Bamboo Oil for strengthening and Charcoal for clarifying. I highly recommend this brand if you are looking for hair care products with amazing ingredients and areas of treatment.

Have you ever tried HASK? Any products you’re interested in trying? Let me know in the comments below!

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