Product Review: Volùm False Lashes

The product reviewed in this post was provided to me by the fantastic individuals at Tomoson for free in exchange for my review.

I’m happy to back on the blogging scene with a review of a beautiful set of false lashes! I always wore false lashes for theater productions I was involved with but it wasn’t until I started stepping up my makeup tutorial game that I fell in love with them again.

These lashes are from the brand Volùm and are 100% authentic, cruelty-free, North American mink fur. They are very durable and I have been able to wear them four times since I received them a couple weeks ago.

As with all my false lashes, I use the Duo Lash Adhesive. I trimmed the lashes slightly to fit my eye. The thicker band makes them easy to apply but wasn’t uncomfortable for long-wear use.

Here are some fun pictures of me wearing these awesome, glam lashes! You can purchase your own pair through Amazon for just under $10!

What is your favorite brand of false lashes? Let me know in the comments below!


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