ColourPop Ultra Glitter Shadows & New Highlighters

I’m excited to share with you (a little on the late side) my swatches and reviews of the ColourPop Ultra Glitter Super Shock Shadows and three new highlighters they came out with in early October. I am a ColourPop addict but realize I never write about it on the blog!

If you are new to ColourPop, you can sign up for a $5 your purchase code by subscribing to their email list here at the bottom of their main page. Just enter your email and you will be sent a unique post to be used on your first purchase!

ColourPop Highlighters

I’ll start with the highlighters! The three highlighters that were released the same day as the Ultra Glitter Shadows are truly unique and perfect for the aspiring makeup artist who loves to create unique makeup looks filled with pops of color.


Upon first photographing them in the pan under bright photography lights, they don’t seem too shimmery or colorful. The top shade propped up against my decorative pumpkin is Perilune (which of course I stabbed with my finger during set-up), then to the right of it is Over the Moon, and to the left is Honeymoon. In this photo, Perilune and Over the Moon look very similar — but that couldn’t be farther from the truth!


This shot (in the same color order) shows a better glimpse at their color tones. Perilune has a clear green-yellow hue, Over the Moon a pink shimmer, and Honeymoon a blue tint.

I also took individual photos of each pan to show you the true color of each shade without the others to compare.

Highlight shade: Honeymoon
Highlight shade: Perilune
Highlight shade: Over the Moon
Left to right: Honeymoon, Perilune, Over the Moon

Above, you can see the three shades swatched side by side, left to right, Honeymoon, Perilune, and Over the Moon. These highlights are gorgeous and so unique. Honeymoon is definitely my favorite, as I can’t get over that opalescent shift. When reaching for these unique shades, I have used that one the most.

I can’t say they are for everyday wear but I love to accent my eye look with them as an inner corner highlight. At the moment, all three shades are still in stock on the ColourPop website for $8. You can click through the links above to individual pages or just visit the “Face” and “Highlighter” sections of the website.

ColourPop Ultra Glitter Super Shock Shadows

The launch of these shadows had many ColourPop fans super excited due to the new finish being launched by the brand. ColourPop as a brand does a phenomenal job at always pushing the limits on product launches, releasing chunks of inventory, often on Thursdays, to their eagerly awaiting fans. With such a low price point, people often scoop up the entire collection, often ordering doubles even before trying them in person.

I tried to capture the truly glitter-packed nature of these shadows in their individual pan shots and then captured some shots of the swatches in different lighting. I’ll run through each of the shades and then discuss my favorites and application recommendations. Clicking on each of my original product photos below will take you to that product’s page on the ColourPop website, for your convenience! Each of these cost $5.

Dance Party
Far Side

I love these shadows. Glitter is my one true love, so these are a match made in heaven for me. The shades are to die for. My top two would have to be Sailor and Arrow. These are already my go-to tones, so having an ultra sparkly formula was great! The other three shades are great too, but if you aren’t into bright colors, I would recommend picking up Sailor, Arrow, and Far Side. Dance Party and Cusp are great if you like adding a little color to your eye look or are looking to do some sort of eye or lip art look.

If you are still on the fence, check out the swatches below!

Left to right: Dance Party, Cusp, Far Side, Arrow, Sailor
Dance Party showing off her stellar purple glitter.
The shadows in normal lighting which gives you a good idea of how they can look without direct, bright light.
Another look at the glittery shadows under direct, bright light.
Close-ups of top to bottom: Far Side, Cusp, and Dance Party
Close ups of top to bottom: Sailor, Arrow, and Far Side

I highly recommend trying out a ColourPop product or two, if you haven’t already! I think these highlighters and ultra glitter shadows are necessities for any ColourPop fanatic out there! I will be doing swatch photos and reviews of the products I purchased from the Hello Kitty collection very soon!

I also highly recommend following this brand on social media. They do a great job engaging the beauty community on Snapchat (@ColourPopCosmetics) and Instagram in particular. This made in California brand has such a great following and always delivers with awesome products and customer service!

What are your favorite Colourpop products? Do you have any of the ones I swatched above?

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ColourPop Facebook
ColourPop Twitter


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