Product Review: Sole Patches Shoe Inserts

The product reviewed in this post was provided to me by the fantastic individuals at Brandbacker for free in exchange for my review.

Happy Sunday! I hope you are all staying warm wherever you live. It’s getting pretty chilly here in Pittsburgh, with today having a high of 16 degrees! I wanted to pop in and share with you all a unique product that I received to test over the holiday season.

The Sole Patches Shoe Inserts are a great way to save your feet from those painful yet beautiful high heels we all have in our closets.

There are two ways to wear these shoe inserts. You can either stick the adhesive to your foot for a more temporary solution, or you can pick your most tricky pair of heels and attach the Sole Patch inside the heel of your shoe or where the ball of your foot rests.

I picked a treacherously high pair of patent leather Steven Madden pumps that I love to wear during the holiday season. I first tried on the shoes to see where they bothered my feet the most. I noticed that it was more the ball of my foot, rather than at the heel. I placed the insert into the shoe and pressed firmly. And just like that, my shoes were instantly made wearable again! I wore them for hours to an office party and while I still had some mild discomfort at the end of the night, it was nowhere near how it used to be prior to using the Sole Patch.

I can also see these being useful for shoes that are slightly too large or make your foot slide around too much. Regardless, I think these are great for any shoe collector and lover!

You can pick these flower-shaped inserts up on the Sole Patches website for just under $10 for a pack of six. That’s enough to try these out on three pairs of shoes or to attach to your feet for three different events!

Sole Patches.jpg

You can also check out this video from Discovery Channel below which outlines the benefits of this product!

What are your thoughts on the Sole Patches? Have you ever tried shoe inserts to battle foot pain? Shout it out in the comments below!

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