Product Review: Studio Gear Prime Objective Skin Perfecting Face Primer

The product reviewed in this post was provided to me by the fantastic individuals at Brandbacker for free in exchange for my review.

Happy New Year, all! I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season and are enjoying whatever weather winter brings you wherever you are! I spent Thanksgiving with my boyfriend and friends as my parents were traveling and my sister lives in LA. It was definitely an adjustment but made my holiday last week at home even more special. My sister flew in from LA and my boyfriend came down to for a few days as well!

I have a product review from a brand I had never tried prior to receiving this opportunity through Brandbacker. If you’re a blogger or influencer, reading this, and still haven’t tried Brandbacker — get to it! It is a great way to connect with new brands or ones you’ve always wanted to try. Most campaigns are compensated with free samples but some are also for paid sponsored content!

Studio Gear is one of those brands I had heard of but never gotten around to trying. I was super excited that the sample I received was a face primer as I don’t have a go-to one that I’m committed to. I tend to just use whatever sample I have on hand. However, with being introduced to this primer, that might be changing!

This primer has worked really well for me. Upon first use, I noticed some shimmer to the whipped gel product but it was not super pronounced once applied to my face. If you are very anti-glitter, I would stay away from this product as I think it definitely has that shimmer to it.

While this primer is on the higher end side for the price point, at $30 for a 1 oz bottle on the Studio Gear website, it seems to last a while if used sparingly.

Studio Gear did give me a code for 10% off your purchase if you enter the code “BB” at checkout!

Even though this product is pricier, I really have fallen in love with it! I can definitely see myself re-purchasing this!

Have you tried this primer? What are your thoughts?
Do you have any other face primer recommendations for me? Let me know below!



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