Christmas Nails

Hello all! I just realized this post was still in my drafts! Plus, it’s been a while since I posted a nail art look here! One of my goals for 2017 is to post once a week about nails here — to get back to the “polish” part of “Frost and Polish”!

But regardless, I wanted to share my Christmas nails I did over the holiday. I was inspired after seeing Sarah’s photo on Instagram (below). She has an awesome YouTube channel full of beautiful nail art tutorials if you want to check it out here. I loved the mix-and-match feel to this look so I did my own variation on it!

For my look, I used three of my favorite Zoya shades and the one Marc Jacobs nail polish I own, Glinda, which is marvelous!

I started by prepping and priming my nails, applying the CND Stickey Base Coat and then going in with my red, sparkly, Zoya Oswin in two coats on each nail, leaving the middle and ring fingers bare. Since this polish is a jelly base, I did have to touch up some of the patchy areas in places where I wanted it to be more opaque.

Next, I applied two coats of Glinda to my middle finger to make an opaque, silver glitter accent nail.

For my ring finger nail art, I started the Pink Perfector from Zoya’s Naked collection as the sheer base. I love this collection as they are so versatile. It’s so easy to slap one of these polishes on your nails for a natural look, but also to use as a sheer base for delicate nail art looks such as this one.

I used Zoya’s Wyatt from their one coat creams that were part of the Urban Grunge collection from Fall/Winter 2016. Using a small brush, I painted the wreath over the sheer base on my ring finger. I then went in with a dotting tool (you can also use a bobby pin or toothpick) to create ornaments on the wreath with Oswin and Glinda.

Once everything was dry, I topped this look off with my Sally Hansen Dries Instantly top coat. I love this top coat because it dries super glossy and more importantly, quickly! You can pick this up at most drugstores, Target, or Ulta for $5.99!

Did you do any fun holiday nails? Let me know in the comments below! xoxo


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