Product Review: Bestselling Kenra Products

The products reviewed in this post were provided to me by the fantastic individuals at Brandbacker for free in exchange for my review.

Happy New Year! I hope you all had as relaxing of a time over the holidays as I did! I have started my new job and am settling in well (but of course missing my former home of Pittsburgh). My sister visited from California and we had a great visit, watching all three of the Ocean’s 11 movies as a family over the course of the weekend. Check out my Christmas Eve look I created using some of my favorite makeup products of 2017 with some new hair care products (photo at bottom of post).

I was blessed to have the opportunity to partner with Kenra Professional again to try out some of their hair care products over the holidays! Last time I was sent products from this brand, it was my first time trying them at home (despite having seen them used on my hair in salons over the years) and the results were amazing. I particularly fell in love with the two hair spray products they sent and have since repurchased.

This time around, the folks over at Kenra were even more generous, sending me a shampoo and conditioner duo and three styling products. I have tried all the products and am excited to share my opinions with you! All of these products are available at Ulta Beauty, so they are very accessible in terms of finding somewhere to purchase. Keep in mind that this is a pro brand, so they are a little higher in price than your standard hair care products, but I believe that they are truly quality products from a reliable brand.

Volume Dry Shampoo $17: Let’s first talk about the product that I will probably get the most use out of. I only shampoo my hair every other day (or sometimes, every two), so having versatile and reliable dry shampoos in my hair care collection is a must.

Since I have dark hair, one of my main concerns with dry shampoo is the white cast situation. Often, dry shampoos can leave a white or grey tint to the application area, no matter how hard you shake the bottle or even if you keep it the suggested distance from the roots. This shampoo had minimal white cast. It wasn’t perfect, but I was able to blend it out by massaging it into my hair and brushing through with a comb.

This dry shampoo is a little heavier than I am used to, but I really appreciated being able to give my hair some volume on my off-wash day. Overall, I think this is a good product, plus, the can is super sparkly!

Moisturizing Shampoo $15: I was really excited to try a shampoo from Kenra but wasn’t as excited when I saw sulfates listed in the ingredients. I recently got partial highlights in my hair to touch up my grown-out balayage and know that sulfate-free is the way to go if you color your locks. However, I was able to give this shampoo a shot once without doing any damage to my color.

I had no complaints using this shampoo, and think if you don’t color your hair, this would be a good pro shampoo option from Kenra. I checked out the other product lines and see that Kenra does make a color protect shampoo (the Platinum Color Charge Shampoo) and might check that one out.

If you do choose to pick up the Moisturizing Shampoo, Ulta currently has the 1L bottle on sale for $15, the same price you would normally get the 300mL bottle for! What a steal! This event is going on through January 27 at Ulta, so check it out!

Moisturizing Conditioner $15: Unlike the shampoo, the conditioner in this duo appears to not have sulfates in it. I really liked how soft and moisturized this conditioner made my hair feel. I usually go for a deep conditioning treatment or hair mask on the days I do wash my, to breathe moisture back into my hair. My hair does tend to get on the dry side, especially in the winter, and this conditioner made my hair feel nice. I applied it to my hair and then kept it under a shower cap for about 10 minutes to let it work its magic.

Like the shampoo, the regular price on the 300mL bottle is $15 and you can snag the 1L bottle on Ulta (link above) for just under $15 (only till January 27)!

Volume Mousse Extra $16: Mousse is definitely an intimidating product for many people. I remember back in the day using some mousse my mother uses on her short hair and used way too much, making my long hair crunchy and heavy. Over the years, I’ve learned that mousse is a great way to tame my wavy locks when I air dry my hair. I recently cut my hair pretty short for me and have been loving to add a small amount of this volume mousse from Kenra to quickly style my damp hair. If you love mousse, I recommend checking this one out!

Perfect Blowout $17: This is a product I was pleasantly surprised to receive from Kenra. I have tried some blowout creams in the past but never really felt like they did anything for my hair. This one is absolutely lovely and I look forward to using it more. Now that my hair is shorter, I am more likely to blow dry my hair on the days I wash it. While this is on the pricey end for a product that isn’t absolutely necessary in the day-to-day haircare routine, I really like the light hold and shine it brings to my hair. Plus, this product doubles as a heat protectant to help defend your locks from hot tool damage!


I hope you enjoyed this walk-through of these products! Hope you’re having a wonderful 2018 and looking forward to chatting in the comments or over on Instagram soon!

Have you tried any of these Kenra products?
What do you plan to pick up from Ulta? Let me know in the comments below!

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