Quick Review: KKW Fragrance Crystal Gardenia Citrus

Hi! I know I’ve been MIA for a little while (okay, a long while) but I wanted to pop over to the blog and write up a quick review on a product I finally got around to purchasing! I am way more active on Instagram these days, so be sure to follow me @frostandpolish over there for daily makeup looks and quick reviews!

I ordered the KKW Fragrance Crystal Gardenia Citrus perfume and had to share some product shots! The packaging is absurdly beautiful and I was pleasantly surprised by the scent.

Ordering fragrance online is always a gamble – especially in this case where there are no stores to visit to give it a whirl prior to purchase. However, the $35 price point and rose quartz themed packaging called to me and I couldn’t say no! I can honestly say I purchased this product for the packaging – and it did not disappoint!

The frosted glass bottle is beautiful and the light pink tint to the fragrance makes it truly look like a crystal point. The lid is plastic and fits snugly over the spray nozzle. I was a little worried about the bottle as I figured it wouldn’t be able to stand up on its own (which I was correct about) but so far I have had no issues with it leaking. I was able to get it to stand up in an acrylic display holder I use to store lipsticks and other small bottles on my vanity.

I love that the packaging is rose quartz theme and that the box came with three small, matte, tumbled rose quartz points. I have a ton of crystals in my living space and keep a couple stones with me most of the time. I loved taking these product shots as I was able to gather my rose quartz (and other pink-hued) crystals to photograph with this beautiful bottle. These mini crystals are perfect if you want to take a little rose quartz with you on the go!

I’m terrible at explaining perfume notes but this fragrance smells beautiful and fresh – perfect for summer! Here is how the site explains the note breakdown:

Top: Orange Oil Brazil, Italian Lemon Orpur, Tahitian Pomello,
Purple Passionfruit Scentrek Baird Rose Opur

Middle: Timeless Gardenia Petals, Tiare Flower, Velvet Tuberose

Base: Serenolide and Silvanone Supra Musk, White Cedarwood,
Sensual Amber, Sustainable Sandalwood Australia, Musk

I really do like this scent and have gotten a good number of compliments on it. I wouldn’t say it’s the longest lasting perfume in my collection but feel like it does linger for a good 3-4 hours.

The KKW Crystal Gardenia Citrus is available for purchase on the KKW Fragrance website with the 30 mL bottle at $35 and the 75 mL bottle at $60. I have not tried the other variations of this fragrance, which include Crystal Gardenia and Crystal Gardenia Oud. The new KKW Body fragrance is also available now on the site.

This was my first purchase from any of Kim Kardashian West’s brands and I think the packaging and quality of the product was high end without too high of a price point.

Have you tried any fragrances from KKW? Let me know in the comments below!

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