Shop Small Tag: Knock Knock Boutique

Well, hello there! It’s been a while to say the least! I have decided to give this blog thing another go. For now, I’m going to be sharing a recent video I have posted on my YouTube channel, but plan on writing some more posts for those of you who still like reading this kind of content.

Please let me know in the comments what kind of written content you would like to see! I want to share some summer product recommendations as well as do a post about some “most asked questions” I get from families and friends about beauty products.

I definitely plan on doing some Black-owned beauty brand content for my YouTube channel, Instagram, and here on the blog. I am very passionate about social justice and want to make a stronger effort in supporting small businesses and BIPOC owned brands with my beauty purchases. Please let me know your favorite Black-owned beauty brands or products in the comments!

In my latest video on my channel, I show off some of my favorite accessories from my friend Emily’s boutique, Knock Knock. She has two brick and mortar stores in South Central Pennsylvania and a sister store, Bella Sera Boutique that stocks clothing, accessories, and home goods. When her stores had to suddenly close due to the pandemic, Emily quickly set up a more robust online shopping experience for both boutiques. The products she sells are such high quality, unique, and on trend.

Check out my video below for a coupon code for free shipping on your order!

Hope you all are well and I’m excited to be back!

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